Do you want to learn more about intercultural cooperation?

Do you wish to study, engage, or work in an intercultural context?

Do you need tools to analyse and transform conflicts?

The ‘Dialogue in Conflict’ online seminar will help you to understand the elements and potentials of dialogue. The session will be held on 21 August 2020, between 1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. (precise details and a link will be shared with the participants after registration).

This Nansen online seminar is based on field experiences from more than 20 years of work in a variety of situations, such as Western Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Poland, Colombia and Norway. It will be conducted by Christiane Seehausen, Senior Advisor at the Nansen Center of Peace and Dialogue and the former Director for municipal integration centre for refugees in Norway.

It is a precursor to a planned training expected to provide further insights on the dialogue methodology developed and applied by the NCPD. The training session will be held in October 2020 and information about it will be shared soon.

All content will be delivered and discussed primarily in English.

Expected outcomes of the webinar

  • You will gain insight in dialogue for conflict transformation in community, family and daily life.
  • You will be introduced to basic tools for analyzing conflicts.
  • You will connect with like-minded individuals and can decide if you want to engage in the ‘Ilmenau Dialogue Center‘ project of ISWI e.V. aimed at facilitating dialogue in Ilmenau.