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Get to know Philipp!

What is your degree/studying?
I currently study sociology.


What is your position in IDC?
We don’t really have a hierarchical structure, at least I would not see it like this. At IDC, I am mostly involved in internal communication, providing some structure and trying to keep the tools we are using running.

Why did you join IDC?
I was motivated to join somewhen after hearing from Steinar Bryn and his experiences on the Balkan with dialogue. He visited Ilmenau twice, for ISWI 2019 and a movie screening, and both times I found the dialogue methodology he presented inspiring.
Why is dialogue important for you?
I feel it is beneficial to have a focus on understanding other persons, their viewpoints and their motivation. Although we are using the same words, we still might understand and interpret them differently. Here is where dialogue comes in: By dialogue one aims to focus on understanding instead of convincing someone. There might be aspects to things I just miss and maybe I can understand them and a different perspective on them better by trying to listen carefully.
What is your favorite quote?
Currently, I do not have a favourite quote. I might want to read a bit more on dialogue :-).
What is the message you want to spread?
What I want to do with the IDC  is to give a possibility to learn from dialogue and to experience it. I assume there is much more to human interaction than what we focus on at dialogue so I am happy to learn and I would rather not like to spread a message.

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