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Get to know Christina!

What is your degree/studying?
I am a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer for communication sciences.


Where do you come from?
I am from Germany.

What is your position in IDC?
From an organizational perspective, I am a contact person to the department of economic sciences and media in general and to the research group of empirical media research and political communication in particular, both supporting IDC. From a practical perspective, I participated in two trainings held by Christiane Seehausen, senior advisor at the Nansen Center of Peace and Dialogue, and will facilitate my first dialogue session soon.
Why did you join IDC?
I joined IDC in 2019 after the visit from Dr. Steinar Bryn because I was so impressed from what I learned about dialogue.
Why is dialogue important for you?
I fear that in many societies, we somewhat lost the abilities to deeply listen to each other and to gain mutual understanding. But I am convinced that these are essential for a sustainable and inclusive development of our future society.
What is your favorite quote?
“Die Möglichkeiten, eine Geschichte zu erzählen, sind quasi unendlich. Da triff mal die beste. Und: Hast du nicht noch etwas vergessen? Immer hast du etwas vergessen.” (Saša Stanišić)
What is the message you want to spread?
Hm, difficult to say… Maybe, we can start with: Be nice!

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